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We get that sometimes you can't tune in live with us, and that's why we've popped all of our pmxlive sessions here for you to replay whenever you get the chance! Check them out below.

Course curriculum

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    pmxlive sessions - REPLAY

    • What happens when someone takes a sick day in your agency? Do you have a 'sick day policy' in place? 🤢

    • Roadblocks when going PAPERLESS in your agency!

    • GROWTH and how to keep yourself and your BDM accountable each week with this tool because... the numbers don't lie! 😜

    • Do you have your on boarding of new managements process down pat or could it do with a little tweaking?

    • Perspective is THE key to minimising overwhelm in property management 😌

    • Learn how to be a better listener so that you can mediate 'the hard stuff' with ease! 👂

    • IDEAL WEEK 📅 - set your future self up for success + the most common mistakes we make when planning for the week ahead in property management

    • Let's talk about workplace bullies!

    • Shonleigh's recent leasing experience and what we can all learn from it (this is a goodie!)

    • Work Christmas parties... to go or not to go, that is the question!

    • Breaking up with your client - the do's and the don't's 🤝

    • How to navigate Christmas holiday leave with your team and HOW to communicate this with your clients 👍

    • Hiring for energy over experience + why it's crucial for us to bring inexperienced 'fresh blood' into the industry 😃

    • Our TOP TIPS for welcoming a new team member, in a way that sets them up for long-term success. Plus, Shonleigh's friends recent horror story around her first week in a new role!

    • Here's how you can become an attraction agency and employer of choice when hiring your next team member 👌

    • Ever thought about introducing 'clubs' with 'Presidents' to your agency? The cultural benefits are HUGE!

    • Is getting a business mentor/coach all it's cracked up to be? Today we're spilling the beans...

    • Three things you can do today to feel more in control

    • How to get your owner to agree to a rent reduction during Covid-19...

    • The lifting of restrictions... will things go back to the way they were or is there a "new way" now?

    • Want your tenants to LOVE you? Stop missing this crucial step 🤨...

    • How to find out what the BDM knows (in just 3 minutes) but forgets to tell you!

    • Your clients WILL leave you if you continue to do this to them...

    • Are you drowning whilst playing 'catch up'? Grab onto this life raft... this hack changes EVERYTHING!

    • Your tone is 100% giving your clients the sh*ts. Here's how to fix it, fast!

    • How to break up with a toxic client, gracefully!

    • The eviction moratorium is nearly over - are you even talking about it?

    • On average a Property Manager wastes 1hr and 40 minutes each day doing this. Here’s how to get this time BACK!

    • LAUNCHING... The PropertyMe Template Integration! 🎉 Here's how it works and here's how you roll it out with your TEAM!

    • Your juicy HR questions answered! With Sarah Di Pietro

    • "What am I paying you for?" How to STOP your clients from asking you this question! 🤯

    • Meet Ben, our business coach! And hear all about the 3 things he drills us on every week

    • "Hey new person, are you being too sensitive?"