Q & A Friday Series

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We'll answer a Property Management question that's come from our community each Friday, so that you can gain insight from what your peers are asking!

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Here are the questions we've answered so far...

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    Q&A with your Xperts, Terri Handy & Shonleigh Draper

    • Q1: "How do we handle approaching landlords about tenants who are asking for rent reductions?" - 2:51 min

    • Q2: "Tenant introductions using Zoom - how do we do them?" - 1:55 min

    • Q3: "How do we keep track of all the rent relief requests we're getting?" - 1:35 mins

    • Q4: "What do I say to an owner who insists on attending routine inspections during Covid-19?" - 2:34 mins

    • Q5: "How do you recover rent from a tenant if the landlord agrees to a rent deferral?" - 1:58 min

    • Q6: "Help! I keep making mistakes at work, what do I do if I stuff up really bad with a landlord?" - 3:30 mins

    • Q7: "How do I get people to follow our hygiene practices during open for inspections moving forward?" - 2:00 mins

    • Q8: "I am feeling out of control with not enough time in the day. My Head of Department said to create an ideal week but I've tried these before without success. Do you have any suggestions?" - 1:50 mins

    • Q9: "My agency is thinking about outsourcing some of our everyday tasks but I’m not sold on it as I love managing my portfolio end to end. What are your thoughts on outsourcing tasks and would you recommend we go down this path?"

    • Q10: "We had heaps of groups through our OFIs yesterday but we had zero applications, what can I do to get people applying?" - 1:30 min

    • Q11: "How do I know when it's the right time to hire an assistant for my property manager?" - 2:00 min

    • Q12: "We recently changed software providers, how do we help our clients understand they need two EOFY statements?" - 1:25 min

    • Q13: " I've had a reference request come through from another agent for one of my tenants and the privacy statement doesn't have a signature I could see. When I questioned the agent, they said it was because it was electronic. What do I do?" - 1:38 mins

    • Q14: "Should I be charging my clients for their end of financial year statement?" 1:44 mins

    • Q15: "Our agency is back into lockdown now, what should we do about routine inspections as we have heaps outstanding?"

    • Q16: " I've had a tenant reach out, their circumstances haven't changed and they want to continue their rent reduction. Should I get them to complete another hardship application?" 1:00 mins

    • Q17: "What are your thoughts on increasing fees at the moment, with holds on most increases government wise is it okay when renewing management agreements to try for an increase?" 2:00 mins

    • Q18: "I've been here for one week and I feel like I don't belong and am not going to fit in, what should I do?" 1:32 mins

    • Q19: "We have a team meeting each week, but it takes too long and no-one is engaged. How do I fix this?" 1:00 min

    • Q20: "How can I keep my team accountable while working remotely? Can you please help me set some KPIs?" 1:25 mins

    • Q21: "I have taken on an extra 55 properties since starting here 1 year ago, is it rude to ask my boss for a payrise?" 2:05 mins

    • Q22: "How do I cover our backside if a tenant wants a property but can't physically inspect it?" 1:54 mins

    • Q23: "I've just sent an email that i'm already regretting... what do I do now?" 1:00 min

    • Q24: "I hate going on holidays, it's always an absolute disaster when I get back. How can I change this?" 1:30 mins

    • Q25: "I've got a tenant who is refusing to do a tenant assisted routine inspection. How can I get around this?" 1:59 mins

    • Q26: "How can I explain to my boss that the client is a creep and I don't want to deal with him any more?" 2:00 mins

    • Q27: "If I resign, do I have to work out my notice period because my new boss wants me to start straightaway?" 1:24 mins

    • Q28: "No one wants to come back to the office post-Covid, they all want flexible hours, how do I make it fair for everyone?" 1:23 mins

    • Q29: "I've just placed an existing tenant off-market into another property, do I have to go through the tenant induction with her again?" 1:03 mins

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Terri Handy

Terri Handy is obsessed with finding a simpler, easier and faster way to do things. It can become tedious for those who live with her at times but, she figures “hey, they benefit so what’s the big deal? “ A reformed Coke Zero addict but still battling the hold M&M Peanuts have over her, Terri has never understood the appeal of coffee but don’t mess with the way she brews her Green Tea with Rose Petal. Most of her career has involved customer service in one form or another, with stints as a Motelier, Agency Owner and even a tiny dabble in recruitment before firmly finding her place in helping to implement positive change in the property management industry.