How will this course help you?

In this course we’ll give you some eXciting and necessary tools for ultimate success around creating a compelling recruitment campaign that aims to attract top talent into your business!

  • Use Video Effectively

    Stop sifting through resumes for hours on end. Start using video to attract high quality talent in an authentic way

  • The Secret to the Best Job Ad

    Hiring a professional copywriter and using your team in the recruitment process = the best job ad Seek has EVER seen

  • Embrace technology in Recruitment

    You'll be able to weed out the tyre kickers and make room for the stars to shine!

What's in this Foundation X Course?

This course has 9 short lessons and will take you around 30 minutes to complete!

  • 1

    Create a cracking campaign to pick your next super star recruit

    • Introduction

    • It's not all doom and gloom - it doesn't have to be so hard

    • My top 3 tips for creating a cracking and compelling recruitment campaign

    • Not sure where to start with your job vacancy video?

    • Assistant Property Manager job advertisement example

    • Here's an actual advertisement I put together recently for my own company

    • This all sounds kinda exhausting to me Shonleigh...

    • Are you potentially missing the mark with your recruitment strategy?

    • Feedback

    • PSST... Sharing is Caring!

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Xpert delivering this course

Co-Founder and PM Xpert

Shonleigh Draper

Shonleigh Draper is a loving wife, doting Mama, a passionate Client & Talent Advisor and Director at ThinkRed Recruitment, Co-Founder of pmXcite, a pro muffin baker and coffee enthusiastic/coffee snob. With an expensive PR & Marketing Degree under her belt (that she's never actually used), a brain full of big ideas around empowering women in property in all aspects of their lives, and an extensive background in sales, recruitment and real estate, Shonleigh is obsessed with being in the business of 'humans'.