how many hundreds of times Terri has answered the phone in her PM consulting business over the years only to hear,

'Terri, have you got...?'

You can finish that sentence yourself with any of the hundreds of documents, templates, responses, forms, processes, scripts, how to guides, inductions, onboarding processes or staff measurement tools that are required to grow a profitable and well-respected agency.

Realising pretty quickly that there is only one of her and SO many of you that need access to all of the above at your fingertips, pmXcite Co-Founders Terri and Shonleigh put their heads together and found a solution and answer to your prayers.


However, they knew that a resource library alone wasn't going to do the trick, so adding industry leading self paced education for PMs, constant refinement, review and updates to all of the resources and templates available, an integration with PropertyMe and solid and easy to implementable client and tenant communication processes was what this solution needed to truly deliver results. 

Combine all of that with a rapidly growing community that has quickly become the most supportive and like-minded group of performance driven Principals, BDMs & Property Managers in Australia and we now have something truly extraordinary.

We call it...


Click the logo above to check out The PM Club and gain some insight into how it will literally change your world for just... 

$99 a month (no lock-in contracts)

Don't forget with our help growing your profitable agency is as easy as...

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