NeXt Level Growth Challenge

Here's what we cover in just 6 weeks...

  • 1

    Taking it to the NeXt Level

    • 🤔 What the challenge is going to look like

    • 🚀 The countdown is on!!!

  • 2

    Week 1 - Who, What & When - the big three questions


    • 🗃️Maximising your Database

    • 💑Current Clients - what to say and when

    • 😏Potential Clients - what to say and when

    • 🕵️Clients Looking to Invest - what to say and when

    • 🤔Clients with Other Agency - what to say and when

    • ⚒️Sales Agents & Referral Partners - we are going to dig even deeper

    • 👏 Other potential lead sources

    • 🔢 Weekly Growth Tracker

    • 💪 Action Steps

  • 3

    Week 2 - What to do before, during and after an appraisal


    • 🤩 Pre-Appraisal - First Impressions Count!

    • 🤝 Appraisal - Game On!

    • 😉 Post-Appraisal - where you really stand out from your competitors

    • 💪 Action Steps

  • 4

    Week 3 - Referral Partners

    • INTRO

    • 💕 Why we love referral partners so much

    • 🧍 Sales Only Agents

    • 🤭Other Property Management Agencies

    • 👷 Developers (including Onsite Supervisors & Tradies)

    • 🧮 Accountants, Mortgage Brokers & Financial Advisors

    • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Buyers Agents

    • 💰 The Arrangement - what & when to pay

    • 💪 Action Steps

  • 5

    Week 4 - Sales Agents are your clients too!


    • 🙌 When a lead is provided to you by a Sales Agent

    • ✌️Creating Value for a Sales Agent

    • 😜Staying Front of Mind - Be Unforgettable

    • 💪 Action Steps

  • 6

    Week 5 - Social Media & Digital Presence


    • 👣 Your Digital Footprint

    • 😎 Facebook

    • 🥳 Instagram

    • 🤓 LinkedIn

    • 🐲 & Domain (& Other Portals eg Homely)

    • 📹 YouTube

    • 😮 But wait, there's more!

    • 💪 Action Steps

  • 7

    Week 6 - Between Listing to Leasing


    • 🗝️ Communication is Key

    • ☝️ Property will rent after 1st Inspection (Scenario 1)

    • ☝️ Property requires a price reduction to rent (Scenario 2)

    • 🧰 Resources - What to say & What to send

    • 🤝 Ensuring a smooth transition to the PM

    • 🔥 Nat's Hot Tips Around Communication

    • 💪 Action Steps

  • 8

    ✨ BONUS - Scripts for overcoming fee objections

    • 😊 Hear what Nat has to say about overcoming fee objections

    • ✅ Other Agents are Cheaper

    • ✅ Combating Fee Free Periods Offered by Others

    • ✅ Advertising

    • ✅ Professional Photos

    • ✅ Signboards

    • ✅ Lease Renewal Fee

    • ✅ EOFY Statement Charge

    • ✅ Letting Fee

    • ✅ Routine Inspections

    • ✅ Receptionist answers the question - "What are your fees?"

    • ✅ Fees over the phone

My 'Playbook'

I’m going to give you the exact playbook i've used day in and day out over the past 4 years. This Playbook includes 'listing to leasing' and everything else in between so that you can take your career as a BDM to the neXt level and start to gain serious momentum in your marketplace.

Spend Less Time Cold Calling

If you’re a BDM who wants to spend less time cold-calling and more time working with people who care about you and your success, I’ve got you covered in my ‘Referral Partners’ module!

How I Achieved Huge Results

If you’re a BDM who generates next to no leads from your sales team each month and you want to know how I did it, I’ve got you covered in my ‘Sales Agents are your clients to!” module. If you DON'T have a sales team, that's okay too... my 'Referral Partners' module is going to help you big time!

Fee Objections Be Gone!

If you’re a BDM who needs help overcoming fee objections or you aren’t sure about what needs to be done in the pre-appraisal, appraisal and post-appraisal process, I’ve also got you covered… big time!

This challenge WON'T be for you if you aren't serious about explosive growth in your results...

If you're still here then you've already decided you ARE READY to be guided by the best in the business at prospecting and closing deals. This challenge IS FOR YOU and your agency IF YOU ARE committed to taking your numbers and your career to the neXt level! P.S We have a 'no excuses policy' in this challenge... transparency and accountability are key!

  • Be guided by the #1 BDM for Harcourts in Australia who signed over 800 properties in 3 years. Our Growth eXpert Natalie South will give you EVERYTHING you need from 'Lead to List' so that you can reach the same levels of success following her step-by-step PLAYBOOK!

  • It's time to stop being scared of your own success! Natalie will help you overcome the roadblocks you come up against and any fears you have so that you can level-up as a BDM and reach new levels of success and fulfilment!

  • Be given the EXACT GAME PLAN that Natalie created and used to sign 333 properties in 12 months. In this challenge you will focus on results-driven activities and tasks that will propel you forward and increase your numbers QUICKLY.

  • Put the right foundations and systems in place so that you can start to build SERIOUS momentum in your career as a BDM. Natalie will tell you who to speak to, what to say and when to say it!

  • Natalie will give you her proven 'success scripts' and process to help you pick up the phone easier each day, sell your service better than any of your competitors and get the management signed!

REAL RESULTS... in just 6 weeks (that change your conversion rates forever!)

Long story short, this challenge is ONLY for you if you're ready and willing to commit to getting REAL results and making BIG improvements in your performance in just 6 weeks

  • Accountability with Natalie South

    Be held accountable by Natalie South, each and every week. You will be required to deliver your 'numbers' to Natalie on a weekly basis so that she can track your results, performance and improvement... there's no hiding here!

  • Tools of the trade

    You can stop 'Googling' now! We will give you the very BEST tracking tools, workflows, scripts, resources, listing presentations and email templates developed for you by Natalie that will set you up for ultimate success throughout the challenge and most importantly... BEYOND!

  • Watch the master at work

    Each week you will be invited to an eXclusive LIVE coaching session with Natalie. You'll get to see Natalie in her BDM element and ask any questions you may have along the way from the master herself!

  • Reduce procrastination, increase productivity

    You know what you need to do but sometimes you don't know where to start, right? In this challenge we help you ELIMINATE decision-fatigue when it comes to your prospecting and help you increase productivity and lead-generating activities each day. Action = traction, traction = momentum!

  • Weekly accountability check-in - 12 weeks

    After the challenge is complete and you are taking the action steps to build serious momentum in your career as a BDM, we will check-in with you WEEKLY for 6 weeks post-challenge to ensure you're still seeing improvements in your performance and results. How's that for accountability? ;)

Frequently asked questions...

Need a little more information before you dive in?

  • Is this challenge for someone that has been a BDM for 2+ years or is it just for beginners?

    Great question! The NeXt Level Growth challenge is for you if you're a Business Development Manager in real estate/property management and you're looking to take your career and your numbers (signed new managements) to the next level! We are accepting registrations from 0 years experience to 7+ years experience!

  • Do I have to be available for the weekly coaching sessions?

    Ideally we'd love for you to join Natalie LIVE for the coaching sessions each week however we know that as a BDM things pop up and sometimes it isn't possible to plan out every single minute of your day in advance. Everything will be recorded so you're able to watch it back whenever you like.

  • Once the challenge ends, will I hear from Natalie again or is that it?

    YES! You will absolutely hear from Natalie again as she's committed to working with you hands-on in our 6 week challenge but she will also be keeping you accountable via your weekly Performance Report for 6 weeks post-challenge! At the end of the 12 week mark we'll send you your overall performance results and we'll let you know how you can work with Natalie again in the future if you wish!