Onboarding New Tenants Virtually

How will this course help you?

In this course we'll show you how to create a memorable onboarding experience for your new tenants...

  • Can it be done? You bet it can!

    Let's dive into this 'new way' of conducting Virtual Tenant Introductions online. The how, the what, the mechanics of it all - we cover it ALL here so you don't have to figure it out yourself!

  • Downloadable PDF to edit

    You won't need to think twice about what to include in your Virtual Tenant Introductions, we've got it all here for you in the form of a pretty (and incredibly detailed) step-by-step online presentation that you can edit and make your own

  • Strengthen relationships

    Right now your relationships with your tenants are more important than EVER. Walking your new tenants through a quick, easy (but comprehensive) online introduction/induction is the perfect way to get your relationship off on the right foot

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Onboarding New Tenants Virtually

    • 🛎️ Why we need to do this

    • 🗝️ Your process is key - here are the steps

    • 📜 Script - How to set it up with your tenant

    • ✏️ Template - Congratulations email to tenant, confirming Introduction Meeting details

    • ✏️ Template - SMS to tenant directing them to Congratulations Email

    • ✔️ Template - Trello Checklist to help you stay on track

    • 💻Template - Online Introduction Presentation

    • 📹 Example - How another agency is using the Template we have provided for their Virtual Introduction Meeting

    • 🚨If you think this is too much trouble, think again!

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Xpert Delivering this Course

Co-Founder and PM Xpert

Terri Handy

Terri Handy is obsessed with finding a simpler, easier and faster way to do things. It can become tedious for those who live with her at times but, she figures “hey, they benefit so what’s the big deal? “ A reformed Coke Zero addict but still battling the hold M&M Peanuts have over her, Terri has never understood the appeal of coffee but don’t mess with the way she brews her Green Tea with Rose Petal. Most of her career has involved customer service in one form or another, with stints as a Motelier, Agency Owner and even a tiny dabble in recruitment before firmly finding her place in helping to implement positive change in the property management industry.

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Working as an independent agency we have limited access to industry training material so pmXcite is a great training tool and extremely relevant for us. How to get google reviews was on point as our google position is important to our business and contributes to 8% of our growth. We’re excited to roll out each topic with our team and pmXcite will become a valuable resource for our office.