Virtual Routine Inspections Made Easy!

How will this course help you?

In this course we'll give you exactly what you need to get your team up and running FAST when conducting Virtual Routine Inspections, so you can continue to deliver a 5 star client experience

  • Can it be done? You bet it can!

    Let's dive into this 'new way' of conducting Virtual Routine Inspections, together. The how, the what, the mechanics of it all - we cover it ALL here so you don't have to figure it out yourself!

  • Scheduling made super easy

    No more back and forth via email for a week. Allow your tenants to book in their Virtual Routine Inspections at a time that suits THEM best (which also suits YOU best). It's never been easier to do this, let us show you!

  • Here's how you get your Tenants 'buy in'

    Learn how you can work hand in hand with your tenants to avoid Routine Inspections being a bug bear for everyone involved. We've created a 'Tenant Guide' for Virtual Routine Inspections that we know your tenants will LOVE receiving in their inbox.

  • Full transparency for your owners

    This process has NEVER been more transparent than it is right now with Virtual Routine Inspections. Gain your owners trust even further by giving them access to view the Virtual Routine Inspection conducted in their property, via their report. Your owners will LOVE you for this!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Virtual Routine Inspections

    • 😲 Can we really do this?

    • 📹 A little role playing where Shon gets the sharp end of the stick

    • ⚠️ BEFORE you get started, you must do these three things!

    • 🔡 Setting up your new (and FREE) appointment scheduling system

    • 📋 Template 1 - send this email to your tenants to introduce them to the new process

    • 📋 Template 2 - send this email to tenants when you are ready for them to book in their inspection time

    • 📋 Template 3 - Reminder email sent to tenant 48 hours before inspection (set up in Calendly to happen automatically)

    • 📋 Template 4 - Tenant Guide for Virtual Routine Inspections

    • ✔️ Your Personal Checklist to make sure you are covering off everything you need to (includes script to use)

    • 📋 Template 5 - Email to owner with link to video report

    • 🔆 Handling objections - You are DEFINITELY going to get them

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Xpert Delivering this Course

Co-Founder and PM Xpert

Shonleigh Draper

Shonleigh Draper is a loving wife, doting Mama, a passionate Client & Talent Advisor and Director at ThinkRed Recruitment, Co-Founder of pmXcite, a pro muffin baker and coffee enthusiastic/coffee snob. With an expensive PR & Marketing Degree under her belt (that she's never actually used), a brain full of big ideas around empowering women in property in all aspects of their lives, and an extensive background in sales, recruitment and real estate, Shonleigh is obsessed with being in the business of 'humans'.

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Working as an independent agency we have limited access to industry training material so pmXcite is a great training tool and extremely relevant for us. How to get google reviews was on point as our google position is important to our business and contributes to 8% of our growth. We’re excited to roll out each topic with our team and pmXcite will become a valuable resource for our office.