Longer Learning Sessions

(we suggest making a cuppa and grabbing a paper and pen before getting started - maybe even turning off the phone)

  • 1

    Social Media Training with Ellen Bathgate

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  • 2

    Slack - What's the big deal? with Terri Handy

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  • 3

    Onboarding New Clients - with Rockend & Terri Handy

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  • 4

    How to create an AMAZING client experience - with Rockend & Terri Handy

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  • 5

    Creating a Paperless Property Management Department - with Rockend & Terri Handy

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  • 6

    HOW has Covid-19 already changed and impacted property management? - with Terri Handy & Shonleigh Draper

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  • 7

    Remaining Resilient with Kurtis Pirotta from realestate.com.au

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  • 8

    Are you using the new Video Tour Feature yet? LIVE with Alara Gaul from InspectRealEstate

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  • 9

    'One Touch Execution' with Realworks powered by Hutly

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  • 10

    Don't let Covid-19 screw up your Trust Account with Natalie Hastings from hastings+co

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  • 11

    "Working remotely during COVID-19 has increased our team's productivity by 43%" with Amanda Bowes

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  • 12

    "Thinking about recruitment?" with Shonleigh Draper from ThinkRed Recruitment

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Your Xperts

Co-Founder and PM Xpert

Terri Handy

Terri Handy is obsessed with finding a simpler, easier and faster way to do things. It can become tedious for those who live with her at times but, she figures “hey, they benefit so what’s the big deal? “ A reformed Coke Zero addict but still battling the hold M&M Peanuts have over her, Terri has never understood the appeal of coffee but don’t mess with the way she brews her Green Tea with Rose Petal. Most of her career has involved customer service in one form or another, with stints as a Motelier, Agency Owner and even a tiny dabble in recruitment before firmly finding her place in helping to implement positive change in the property management industry.

Co-Founder and PM Xpert

Shonleigh Draper

Shonleigh Draper is a loving wife, doting Mama, a passionate Client & Talent Advisor and Director at ThinkRed Recruitment, Co-Founder of pmXcite, a pro muffin baker and coffee enthusiastic/coffee snob. With an expensive PR & Marketing Degree under her belt (that she's never actually used), a brain full of big ideas around empowering women in property in all aspects of their lives, and an extensive background in sales, recruitment and real estate, Shonleigh is obsessed with being in the business of 'humans'.