Inspection Manager are the OG's and the real MVPs when it comes to inspection technology and reporting!

They are Australia’s leading solution for routine inspections, property condition reports and tenant assisted inspections and that's why we are so chuffed and proud to partner with them!

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Wanna know why we're so obsessed with Inspection Manager?

Well firstly, they are the inspections app that does the job for you!

  • Your one-stop-shop for inspections

    Schedule your inspections, easily load all the info from your previous inspections (makes it SO much quicker!), conduct 'tenant assisted inspections', use predictive text (you can even customise it) for ultimate efficiency when reporting and email your owner their inspection report via a PDF that also holds a fancy QR code that will take your owner to videos of their property with the most important stuff you want them to see and know about - amazing stuff!

  • Their support team is neXt level

    They have a 'LIVE chat' feature which is super convenient and easy to use, but you can also pick up the phone and call them directly (we know right, who even rings people anymore?!) on 1300 228 832 and they answer the phone in like TWO rings! Then they'll stay on the line with you and guide you through the app until you really 'get it' and you're an expert!

  • They integrate with other software providers

    Inspection Manager understands how important it is for you to be able to access all the information they need quickly at inspection time, and most importantly - they know you want it all in the one place! That's why they provide integration with software providers like PropertyMe, REST, PropertyTree, Palace, Console Cloud and so many others!

Chat to our friends at Inspection Manager today

And prepare to be blown away by this incredible product and super efficient support team... we certainly are!