"The HR Heroes membership is one of those "Where has this been all my life?" things. I love how easy it is to access the documents when I need them so I can put out my own 'fires'. It's much more affordable than the other companies we've used in the past too - which is a massive bonus! This is a great solution for our agency."

Andrea Kelly - Principal at AK Realty

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HR Heroes is here to help you save the day!

If dealing with anything HR makes you cringe, you’re not alone. HR is a minefield that SO many businesses find really tricky to navigate. As a HR Heroes member, you'll never have to navigate it alone again!

  • Be advised around the legal stuff

    No more delaying the 'SEND' on an email, you won't need to think twice when using our documents, templates and resources. Each template in your resource library has been signed, sealed and delivered on by our legal team - giving you 100% peace of mind that the information you're providing is current, legal and up to date. We've got your back!

  • Get on the front foot

    Being a member means you'll have what you need at your fingertips so you'll be prepared when issues arise (because, they will!). No more 'fight or flight' response when someone resigns and walks out on the spot, HR Heroes will help you save the day. It's the ‘insurance policy’ you need if you’re serious about your people and your success.

  • 30 minute HR Consult

    As a HR Heroes member, you'll have access to a 30 minute phone consultation with Sarah Di Pietro the Director of Innovative Talent Group when you need her, to discuss any hairy HR issues that have popped up within your business that you need to talk through.

  • Made for the Real Estate & Property Management industry

    These resources have been tailored specifically for the Real Estate and Property Management space. We know how busy you are and how precious your time is and we also know that writing policies might not be your 'jam', but listing, selling and leading your team is! HR Heroes enables you to spend more time doing the stuff you love.

  • LIVE 'HR Hot Seat' sessions

    Each month we'll run a LIVE 30 minute 'HR Hot Seat' session, giving you the chance to tune in and ask any questions you might have OR you can even send your questions in anonymously beforehand!

  • 30% off HR Consulting Services

    As a member, you’ll get access to personalised HR Consulting with Sarah Di Pietro and her team at Innovative Talent Group, at 30% off on ALL HR Consulting services. They can help with things like Contract Agreements, HR Auditing and Recommendations, General HR, Onboarding and Induction and Succession Planning.

All-you-can-eat templates, documents and resources at your fingertips

Here's 10 of the most popular templates that you'll find in our resource library!

  • Job Descriptions

  • Letters of Offer

  • Social Media policy

  • Working From Home Application and Checklist

  • Working From Home Induction Checklist

  • Displaying Information at OFIs

  • Conduct at Functions

  • Answering Phones After Hours

  • Company Property Register

  • Complaints Handling

Sounds AMAZING right, but what's it cost?

The monthly membership is a small investment of $99/month, with no lock-in contracts! 

For CURRENT Foundation X Members, just click here to access your membership perx and save $19 per month 

Just click the following button to sign up and access your monthly subscription and prepare for your entire work-world to change...

Want to see a list of ALL the templates (with the stamp of approval from our legal team) included for you?

What are users saying?

Made our life so much easier!

Amanda Bowes - Office Manager of Oliver Hume

We were recently fortunate enough to work with the team at pmXcite to integrate all of their letters into PropertyMe. We were already their biggest fans but this has made life a lot easier. All of the letters are professional and well written whilst also having the much needed personable approach so desperately needed in the Real Estate industry at the moment. It’s a massive timesaver for our whole team having access to all of these letters at the touch of a button. Thanks Terri and Shonleigh! You have done amazing work!

The warm tone of the templates is so in line with the style of our agency!

Simon Mason - Director of Jellis Craig Kensington and Essendon

Our agency have been using these templates since October 2019 and the team love them. Apart from saving us loads of time each day, the warm tone of the templates is very in line with the style of our agency. We now have consistency around how we communicate with our clients, regardless of who is pressing the send button.

These new templates are amazing!

Corinne Mansour - Principal of Mansour Property

Updating the PropertyMe templates was something I had been meaning to do for a VERY long time so this was perfect for me as it did the job for me. I love the tone of the templates as they are really on brand for us and they complement our other collateral we use across the business. Fantastic idea pmXcite!

We give pmXcite 5 stars!

Jane Looker - General Manager of Property Management at Toop&Toop Real Estate

SO much information at your finger tips! Shonleigh and Terri know what they are talking about! Well done ladies and thank you for sharing and helping the PM community to become the best they can be. 5 stars from us!